Sunday, September 22, 2013

New Trail of Schabbs SDL - week 1

Time for the first official blog update...
Project has started quite smoothly and currently I am making walls and objects for the different settings of the game... As stated in the Wolf3d Haven-forum this game will have total of five different chapters and basically each of them has a theme of their own.

As a spoiler, here is a list of the chapters names (might change in future):
- Icy business
- Dark research
- Imprisonment
- To the monsters den
- Eisenfaust

I will be updating the progress every two weeks.

Friday, September 13, 2013

The False Spear 2.1

Hello there... Thanks to DoomJedis help, here is the final update of the False Spear! In this file you can find not only the updated game but the sourcecode and ChaosEdit definitions as well.

Just for fun I also added a test executable for the_fish's advanced shading (can be found from the game folder with the name "wolf4sdl_flash", press 'B' for flashlight)...

EDIT: Updated the download link with file containing a version with the map-patch and a bugfix included.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

The False Spear

After so many delays, it is finally here: The False Spear!
Hopefully you enjoy the game as much I enjoyed making it.

Next I am going to follow the trail of Schabbs.

Here is patch that fixes some issues with floor/ceiling and the hud.
NOTE: Your old save files won't work with it.

This patch removes intermissions from loaded game and fixes frozen guard in level 2...

This patch fixes some mapping errors.