Thursday, August 16, 2018

Spear of Brutality - late July update

Sorry for the late update, also this is a short one...

Turns out that trying to organize the object ids was a mistake and it brought more problems than I anticipated... After trying the whole month to get things in order I decided it would be better to return to using original ids instead.

This month I will be reverting the ids back and also looking into enemies again.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Spear of Brutality - June update

This month I was decided to spend time on something that has been bothering me for some while: structure of VSWap.

Normally the sprites in the VSWap are in order objects, enemies, bosses, weapons and additional sprites... That additional sprites part has always bothered me because at least in my mods it is not in any order as I have just added stuff as I have needed; however now for ease of use and to make it simplier for people to use this mods as base I decided to order the whole thing so that it would follow the structure of original Wolfenstein...

Also while I was organizing the VSWap I also started looking into object ids. There are big gaps between the enemy ids and the objects so for the ease of use I decided to streamline that as well: all object ids will be in order without the gaps between.

After doing these changes I started modifying the map object lists and sprite info that ChaosEdit uses but ran into problems... For some reason the new made map objects weren't working at all and everytime I tried to select them ChaosEdit would crash so currently I am investigating the reason for that.

However as plan B I also started to look into WDC once more to see if I could get it working better with the modified object list.

So basically now goal for July is getting the mapping working again.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

Spear of Brutality - May update

Another unproductive month due to a little thing called GDPR... Those who do not know what GDPR is, basically we are talking about a change in European legistlation that gives the customers more power to regulate what kind of data corporations are allowed to gather and store. As my clients systems are quite old it has taken rather huge effort to make them GDPR complient as otherwise they would have needed to face sanctions based on their annual revenue.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Spear of Brutality - April update

Some unfortunate new... Due things getting hectic with work I was not able to meet the goals I set for the month: to finalize the first few levels for the Spear of Brutality.

If there is anything I can take from this experience is that I should start making schedules and allocating time (e.g. couple of hours per week) to work on the project to ensure that I get things done in time.

So what would be the goal for this month?

Well, to finally start working on the maps seriously and complete them one by one. If everything goes smoothly next time the sewer section (3 levels + boss) is ready.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Spear of Brutality - March update (eyes on Experience)

Sorry for making this update bit late, due the Easter holidays I had other things to do... Anyway this blog post is bit special as I will be talking about the Experience some people are had been asking about.

So what is the Experience?
As mentioned in earlier blog posts it started as a short mod to test whether I was capable of doing something interesting anymore but soon it turned to a full blown TC that I have worked along side Spear of Brutality. Basically it is now a spiritual successor to Trail of Schabbs.

How much is ready / what still needs to be done?
Basically all wall textures are done and also the static sprites:

However what needs to be done is to complete the enemies aside from the factory workers and HEV-suits, weapons and of course the maps.

Talking about the maps, the concepts for every level is done and the structure of the game has been decided starting from the boss fights till the ending.

Here is some mockups:

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Spear of Brutality - February update

Let's talk about mapping for a moment as for the past month I have been studying the way iD software did their maps.

 When I am creating a map myself I try to come up with realistic structures and room desing that could be found from real locations...

This usually leads to the map layouts being quite similar across the levels (e.g. there is always a storage room for ammo next to storage room for health) with quite many copy-paste rooms found and all the rooms using only pure geometric shapes. Also what is common to my maps that I try to break them in thematic sectors that are usually connected by some sort of central room.

 Maps created by iD software are way different...

In iD's maps the rooms come in all shapes and sizes and usually what the room represents can be deducted from used sprites and textures (e.g. sewers use grey/dirt bricks, dungeons blue bricks, strages red bricks and castle grey walls and marble).

Also what is typycal to levels made by iD is that they tend to be circular: each area of the map is connected to each other in a way that the player can do a circle if all the keys are collected. Exception to this is the boss levels that follow quite simple funnel like structure: player starting area that leads to ammo/health storage followed by the boss arena just before the elevator.

 So now my goal is in Spear of Brutality to create a feeling like you would be playing levels from Spear of Destiny while still keeping some of my own usual tropes.
Aside for studying maps and making some tests I have mostly focused on working on the enemies for both Spear of Brutality and the Experimence... One of the new enemies that player will face is the guards in radiation suits:

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Spear of Brutality - January update

The first of the twelve updates, so let's see what has happened... Actually I am still bit uncertain in which format I should be writing these "progress reports" so let's just start with simple status: For the past month I have been working on missing pick-ups and weapons sprites taking it as my goal to finish them by the end of the next month (examples of the new pick-ups in the end of the blog post)... After those are done I will be finally moving to finishing the enemy sprites. In the next updates I will be going in more detail sharing also concept art but also trying to elaborate my thoughs behind certain choices whether they are about sprites / textures / maps or just features... Also it would be nice to hear what aspect of the development you would like to hear so I could write in more detail.