Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Spear of Brutality - February update

Let's talk about mapping for a moment as for the past month I have been studying the way iD software did their maps.

 When I am creating a map myself I try to come up with realistic structures and room desing that could be found from real locations...

This usually leads to the map layouts being quite similar across the levels (e.g. there is always a storage room for ammo next to storage room for health) with quite many copy-paste rooms found and all the rooms using only pure geometric shapes. Also what is common to my maps that I try to break them in thematic sectors that are usually connected by some sort of central room.

 Maps created by iD software are way different...

In iD's maps the rooms come in all shapes and sizes and usually what the room represents can be deducted from used sprites and textures (e.g. sewers use grey/dirt bricks, dungeons blue bricks, strages red bricks and castle grey walls and marble).

Also what is typycal to levels made by iD is that they tend to be circular: each area of the map is connected to each other in a way that the player can do a circle if all the keys are collected. Exception to this is the boss levels that follow quite simple funnel like structure: player starting area that leads to ammo/health storage followed by the boss arena just before the elevator.

 So now my goal is in Spear of Brutality to create a feeling like you would be playing levels from Spear of Destiny while still keeping some of my own usual tropes.
Aside for studying maps and making some tests I have mostly focused on working on the enemies for both Spear of Brutality and the Experimence... One of the new enemies that player will face is the guards in radiation suits: