Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Back in the business...

Wolfenstein 3D was one of the first games I ever played and I think it is quite safe to say that it sparked my interested for programming and spritework.

About two decades ago I found out that one could actually make own maps and textures to the game, so of course I got interested in modding as well... Most of the "mods" I made back then were basically simple mapsets with graphics borrowed from other mods like Beyond the Castle Wolfenstein, however slowly but surely with the help of the Diehard Wolfers forum I started to get into the code cracking as well and started to work on my own TC.

Heavily inspired by WSJ's work and AReyePs SoD mods, this TC finally became reality when I released the False Spear in 2006.

Nearly immediately after that I started to work on a semi-sequel called the Trail of Schabbs (TBA?) and the now dropped Hunt for the Desert fox. However due my studies and jobs taking my time I started to lose that interest for making mods and I mostly aided other people by making graphics, testing and implementing simple coding changes.

Despite that I still managed to create a small mod known as Operation Wintersturm for the mod-in-a-week contests in 2007 and few years later the SDL conversion for the False Spear in 2013... Unfortunately due the lack of testing and me neglecting the quality, the latter one turned out to be rather disastrous mod full of bugs and mapping errors.

So now you might wonder what is this long rant about anyway...

Well, for couple of years now I have been watching Team Raycast to produce high quality mod after another, each time pushing the limits of the Wolfenstein engine further away, and that has sparked my interest once again...

So once again I will be working on a mod of my own, but this time I will be bit smarter about it: concentrating only to a one project at time and only giving updates when there is something to actually show...

I am back in business and next year I am going to be more actively working on Wolfenstein mods...


  1. As I said on DHWs... This is wonderful news! I'll try to keep track of your updates.

    - Aryan Wolf

    1. Thanks... I also try to update more often than just once in a year.