Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Blog started...

So this is the first weekly update for the new Trail of Schabbs SDL... To the right you can see a list of basic features currently implemented to the source (I won't include any unique features in that list though)...
I also re-arranged the VSWap-file so that most of the bo_s are at the beginning of the file and all the weapons
are in one place, etc -> Ghost has been turned to an exploding barrel.

Also I have currently include support for five different weapon types, each with their own button... I am currently working on the abandoning weapons feature.

And now for a question: Which one you like best in your mods, blue or grey rain?


  1. Blue rain clearly. Boo to grey! We need colours! All the colours of the rainbow!

    Damn though, this Finnish blog text is crazy. I shall now laheta this kommentti.

  2. Thanks for your opinion...
    Heh, maybe I should try to change the blogs language...

  3. How about translucent rain? Merge it with the colour behind it. :)