Monday, January 4, 2010

6th week.

I have added two new enemies to the game - flammenwerfer and a tank... Also I added a small 'hax' to the T_Projectile to allow the player to harm bosses with projectiles (though they can't harm each other)...

There is one new projectile in the game aswell (thanks to Richter Belmont for allowing me to use his sprites) for the flamethrower guards (logically it can not damage the tank, also tank is nearly immune to the normal weapons like pistol and rifles).

AI-wise game now uses Matthews paraller search-algorithm and WSJs code for enemies being alerted when they spot a dead corpse... I also edited dogs to act as new type of mutants that attacks normally until their health drops belove quarter of the original. What happens then - well, you must play to see.

Well, that all for this week (or should I say last week?)... I try to get two-level demo done within these two months...

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