Monday, January 11, 2010

7th week.

I have now added new AI-features to the game... First of all patrolling guards will now turn around (or try to figure next free direction) after hitting a wall and not just tilt to weird position. Also I added function for generating "friendly fire" if there is another guard between the shooter and the player (in case of friendly fire - B.J. won't lose health himself).

ToS has now improved "undercover"-mode. Player can pick and drop dead guards and naturally the other guards will get alarmed if they see corpse lying on the ground. Also when wearing disguise - only certain enemy types will recognize B.J. by proximity - others are alerted only if B.J. is wielding a weapon (and is in front of the enemy). I have also added silenced pistol.

Oh, and small announcement... Within two weeks the demo should be done.

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